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Flanked by a backdrop of traditional gardens, Pan Pacific Suzhou is your modern-day oasis. Experience the comforts of our hotel in a city renowned for its picturesque canals and Chinese culture.?

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Hai Tien Lo

Indulge in gourmet Dim Sum as well as authentic Cantonese and Suzhou dishes.

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Celebrate a romantic union at Pan Pacific Suzhou – one of the most sought-after wedding venues in the city.

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  • Flanked by a backdrop of traditional gardens, Pan Pacific Suzhou is your modern-day oasis. Experience the comforts of our hotel in a city renowned for its canals and Chinese culture.
  • Built in 1996 and located at Nanmen commercial area, the mall focused on luxury and medium-high brands at its west wing. Since 2005, the Tower Mall had opened its east wing with more popular, athletic and leisure brands, becoming one of the popular shopping areas at Nanmen area and even in Suzhou.
  • Guanqian means 'before the Temple'. This is a historic commercial area around the mysterious Xuanmiao Taoist Temple and is renowned for shopping traditional goods and local authentic snacks.
  • 85℃ is modern restaurant chain, known for its pastry, dessert and coffee.
  • Along with the river built for the Tiger Hill through its west end, this scenic street, used to be the busiest street in Suzhou in ancient time, offers a variety of bars and tea houses for tourists in addition to its historic legacies.
  • This 2006 structure was designed by Chinese-American architect IM Pei. A 2,200㎡ area displays many of the over 15,000 pieces in the collection, mostly ancient art and cultural relics.
  • Over 1500 years old, rebuilt in the fashion of the last dynasty, it's now named for a famous abbot who presided here, and it remains one of China's key places for Buddhist activities.
  • This ancient city moat forms part of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, the world's longest canal. A boat cruise on the Moat is the best way to explore Suzhou city as it links up the local historical & cultural sites.
  • A large state owned 2-level exposition venue completed in 2008. Floor space of 188,600㎡ and advanced roof designs allow for one of the world's largest column-free exhibition spaces.
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Pan Pacific Suzhou

  • Pingjiang Road 5.2km / 15 minutes' drive
  • Shantang Street 6.9km / 16 minutes' drive
  • Suzhou New District Business Street 6.4km / 17 minutes' drive